Available to facilitate Vision Board workshops. Click here to contact me to sign up for a workshop today.

I can provide an empowering 2-3 hour Vision Board workshop. The first part of the workshop typically consists of a brief introduction to how vision boards work, the awareness of manifesting the things we want in our lives are possible and leading the group to a place of belief. We will have discussions of our place in the world, bring to light our worth and share deeper insights to the things we value, love and care most about.

The second part of the workshop is the activity of producing a Vision Board. It is a process that takes time because the images we use are selected most carefully.  The  participants truly want to choose images, words, colors and design to what deeply resonates with them. It is very grounding and inspiring and powerful!

I set a relaxing community oriented environment where everyone is included in a non judgmental safe space. I listen with my Heart.

Contact me Eva Aboud for more information.http://powerofpositivechange[at]gmail[dot]com